COVID 19 Crisis

Official Community Response Statement, Sydney April 2020

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In these very difficult times, National Fire Group is dedicated more than ever to keep our clients and their properties safe. 


It is now that people will need help the most.


Our commitment is to assist all strata clients in the maintenance of the properties in their care.


Having more people staying home for longer periods, will increase risk. Due to the higher volume of activity within the home over the course of the coming weeks and months, fire safety should be at the forefront of every Strata Manager’s consideration for safety and compliance and not a time to allow maintenance in properties to lapse. 

We feel strongly about helping the community and doing what we can to make a difference. Fire Protection is an essential service and at National Fire, we will continue to inspect and test sole occupancy units whilst the state and the federal government allow it.   

All our technicians, have proactively completed the training module of COVID 19 Infection Control Training through the Department of Health and have been provided with personal protective equipment to protect themselves and the tenants at our client's properties.


​Our promise to our Strata clients, is if you need work done because your other provider cannot fulfil the requirement, National Fire Group will do our best to honour the written quote from your other provider, taking into consideration the commercial viability of the pricing provided. i.e fair fee for service. 


We understand our community is doing it tough and we will try to accommodate as much as possible.

We want to make a difference, we want to solve problems, as Strata Managers you've experienced the hardest start to a year with the recent fires and floods and now COVID 19.


It is causing havoc on the worlds business communities. We need to all find ways to adapt, we want to work with you and with your local councils to navigate the difficulty this unquantifiable disruption/threat will be to maintenance and compliance.












What does this mean for our Strata Manager clients; 

- All our technicians have proactively completed the training module of COVID19 Infection Control Training through the Department of Health. 

- Inspection & testing of properties including sole occupancy units will continue until we are instructed by the government otherwise.

- All staff have been trained in the use of and provided with personal protection equipment to keep the occupants and staff safe.

- All buildings we manage will remain compliant, where we have access issues due to the outbreak we will work with the council to ensure the remaining areas of the property are compliantly protected.

- We have cleared up our backlog of repairs so we have additional capacity to complete works unable to be completed by other contractors.

- National Fire Building Repair's commitment is to do everything in our power to match the other provider's written repair quote, within commercial reason.

We will also be looking at ways we can support clients with service cost reduction over the longer period to minimise the current financial impact will have on property owners. Which we will be sharing with you in the coming days.

As a country we need to use good old Aussie innovation in the way we navigate the challenge, find news ways to provide consistency to clients and the community.

Heath Whaley

Managing Director

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COVID19 Infection Control Training


COVID19 Personal

Protective Equipment

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Additional Capacity 

Repair Support

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Property Support

National Fire’s objective is to reduce the impact on the properties we maintain, take away some of our client’s challenges, provide additional support to keep costs manageable and to provide extra capacity to take on works that other providers could not complete due to the current circumstances.

Over the coming months, we will all be faced with more challenges, we are trying to focus on how we can help as a priority.

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